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Badi Pilustondi AP Education Dept Programme

AP Sate government has launched, Badi Pilustondi program . The program starts from 25 July to 2 August 2014. During this program government has been trying to eradicate the illiteracy and join the children in school who are away from the studies and steps to implement to provide quality education to children. The will be started with the help of local leaders in the school premises . The local leaders ZPTC, MPTC, Sarpanch will join in the inauguration program. In this program , teachers and students will perform meetings in villages and initiate the dropout children to join in the school. The daily program released by the SSA authorities.
The main aim of ‘Badi Pilustondi’ is to ensure enrollment of all children in the age group of 6-14 years in the school. Many efforts has taken in this regard, but still some children remain out of school. In the out of school children some are ‘Never Enrolled’ and Enrolled but dropped out’. Due to lack of awareness and poverty some children are also involved in hazardous occupations and some children dropped out due to migration of families . According to sources available the dropout rate is 19.06% up to elementary school leval in the residuary state of Andhra Pradesh.

Badi pilustondi AP state govt

Badi Pilustondi Abjectives

  • To ensure 100% enrolment of all eligible children in schools
  • To ensure that no child in the age group of 6-14 years is left out of school.
  • To bring back all drop out children to school.
  • To ensure that no child work as labourer i.e., to implement "Child Labour Prohibition and Regulation Act, 1986" under earnest spirit.
  • To involve various stake holder like local bodies, NGOs, SHGs, and officials in this endeavour.
  • To improve infrastructural facilities and provide good ambience in the school.
  • To implement and monitor this programme, District level committee and state level committee are formed.

Badi Pilustondi Programe official copy

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