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AP SSC /10th Class Results 2022 Marks memos Download from bse.ap.gov.in | BSE AP 10th Class Marks Memo 2022

AP SSC / 10th Class Results 2022  Marks memos    Marks sheet download @ bse.ap.gov.in Eenadu Schools9 AP SSC  Exams Results 2022 AP State Board Secondary School Certificate (SSC)/ 10th Class results 2022 
 AP SSC/10th results will be released on 6th June in Andhra Pradesh   AP SSC Public Examinations 2022-23  results of SSC Public Examinations  . The results will be announce by the BSE AP in 4th June 2022.  The government has approved the formula devised by the High Power Committee for disclosing the results of the Class X public examinations in 2022 and 2022. Decided to announce grades for the AY 2021-22 academic year. It was decided to give grade points to all those who were given pass certificates in 2022. SSC Public Examinations March 2022 Student Result & Short Memo Without Photo download. SSC Public Examinations April 2022 School Wise Result and Short Memos AP SSC Public Exams Results marks Memo with grades 2022  released . AP SSC 10th Class 2022  Results, bseap.org SSC   Results, BSEAP SSC Results, AP SSC Results 2022, AP 10th Class Results 2022, AP SSC Board Results 2022, AP Board 10th Exam Results 2022, AP X class Results 2022, Andhra Pradesh SSC exams Results. The students who had appeared for Class 10th board examinations conducted by Board of Secondary Education of Andhra Pradesh (BSEAP). The AP Board SSC class 10th results 2022, is   declared Results will be available on bseap.org. SSC 2022 Candidates can check your results on BSEAP.ORG. The candidates can check their results on http://www.bseap.org http://bse.ap.gov.in/ or on http://www.manabadi.co.in. Results can be downloaded from these websites.

 SSC Public Examinations March 2022 and June 2022 Student Result & Short Memo Without Photo SSC Public Examinations March 2022 School Wise Result and Short Memos
AP SSC exams 2022: Andhra Pradesh government has cancelled the Secondary School Certificate (Class 10) examinations in the state due to rising coronavirus cases. AP SSC exams 2022: Succumbing to pressures from parents’ organisations and demands from the opposition parties, the Andhra Pradesh government on Saturday announced cancellation of Secondary School Certificate (Class 10) examinations in the state. As a result, all the 6.3 lakh students who were supposed to write the Class 10 examinations will be declared passed.   

 AP SSC/ 10th Results  Grades memos Download
AP SSC Results 2022: 06-06-2022) న ఏపీ 10వ తరగతి ఫలితాలు విడుదల  

 Andhra pradesh SSC/Tenth results will be released on 6th June 2022

 AP 10th Class Result 2022 on 6th June 2022: ఏపీ పదో తరగతి పరీక్షా ఫలితాలు వాయిదా పడ్డాయి. శనివారం ఉదయం 11 గంటలకు ఫలితాలను విడుదల కావాల్సిన ఫలితాలను అనివార్య కారణాల వల్ల పోస్ట్ పోన్ చేస్తున్నట్లు అధికారులు తెలిపారు. ఫలితాలను సోమవారం (జూన్ 6) రోజున విడుదల చేయనున్నట్లు తెలిపారు. దీంతో ఎంతో ఆసక్తికగా ఎదురు చూసిన విద్యార్థులు, తల్లిదండ్రులు నిరాశకు గురయ్యారు. ఈ ఏడాది టెన్త్‌ పరీక్షలకు మొత్తం 6,21,799 విద్యార్థులు హాజరయ్యారు. రాష్ట్ర వ్యాప్తంగా 3,776 కేంద్రాల్లో పరీక్షలు నిర్వహించారు. జూలై మొదటి లేదా రెండో వారంలో అడ్వాన్స్ సప్లిమెంటరీ పరీక్షలు జరగనున్నాయి.. 

AP SSC Results 2022  Live Updates: AP 10th Class Result 2022 postponed: AP 10th class exam results postponed. Officials said the results, which were supposed to be released by 11 a.m. Saturday, were being postponed due to unavoidable reasons. The results will be released on Monday (June 6). The students and parents who were eagerly awaiting this were disappointed. A total of 6,21,799 students appeared for the Tent exams this year. The tests were conducted at 3,776 centers across the state. Advance supplementary examinations will be held in the first or second week of July..

Board of Seocandary Education - AP Board SSC Results 2022:

The Candidates, who were written SSC 2022 Public Exams, they are waiting for their results of SSC 2022. The Andhra Pradesh Secondary School Certificate (SSC) results are declared on 4th August, 2022. The Andhra Pradesh Board of Secondary Education (APBSE), has conducted  the SSC  examination 2022 . AP SSC results 2022 has been declared on 06-06-2022. The authority provides online AP tenth results 2022 through the official website - bse.ap.gov.in. Students can check their AP SSC results 2022 manabadi by using their roll number. The candidates can check their results on http://www.bse.ap.gov.in. As many as lakhs of students applied for SSC Exams in the 26 districts of the state.

AP SSC Public Exams Results marks Memo 2022 

Steps to check SSC/10th Results 2022:
1. Steps to Check AP SSC Results 2022 bse.ap.gov.in
2.Visit the official website, bseap.org results 2022.
3.Towards the left end of the page. Go to the ‘Student Services.’
4. Now, click on the option that says ‘Results' and it will lead to AP SSC result 2022 window.
5. Enter the roll number in the appropriate fields to check AP online SSC results 2022
6. Click on the ‘Submit’ button.
7. AP SSC 2022 result will be opened on the screen.
8. Students must take a print of AP 10th Class result 2022 and save it for future use.

# AP SSC Public Results 2022  

# AP SSC/10th Class Marks & Grades Memo Download for 2022

School Wise Results of SSC Public Examinations 2022

Individual Student Wise Results of SSC Public Examinations 2022

Individual Student Wise Results of SSC Public Examinations 2022

HM Login & School Wise Results with Grade Memos of SSC Public Examinations 2022 

Instructions Videos:
1.Instructions to HMs on Online NR submission - by Director, Govt Examinations, Andhra Pradesh
2.SSC June 2022 Application - How to submit the Online NR
Documents ::
1.Instructions to HM
2.User Manual



School వారీ 10th విద్యార్థుల  ఫలితాలు &మార్కుల మెమోలు.
  • Select your district ,
  • School ,
  • mandal,
  • name
  • and Date of Birth
  • then click on Results Download

#Eenadu AP SSC Results 

AP SSC 10th Class Results 2022  eenadu

AP SSC 10th Class Results 2022 eenadu 

# Sakshi AP 10th Results Click Here Click Here

#Manabadi AP ssc Results 2022 Click Here

#Schools9 ssc AP Results 2022 Click Here

#andhrajyothy AP SSC Results Click Here Click Here

SSC AP Android App - SSC March 2022 Results through App DGE Andhra Pradesh Education
SSC Public Examinations, March 2022 Results will be released
DGE Developes an android app to view 10 th results  SSCAP Android App -  SSC March 2022 Results through App
(to view SSC March 2022 Results through App  )
Click here to Download SSC AP Results 2022  Android App

SSC Grading Process 2022:
The Grading Process is given subject wise for each and every subject based on grace points at the final list .Grades such as A1, A2,B1,B2,C1,C2,D1,D2,E/Fail . Total of 9 Grades , and the Points from 3-10 Points for each grade .There are no points for failure/failed candidates .The Total points are taken and added and then it is divided with number of subjects and the results will be given in points and thus it was the final points for the students and he can have a grade. 10th class results 2012 grades are given below..

SSC – Grade Point Average (GPA) System
Marks in 1st Language,3rd Language and Non Languages
Marks in 2nd language for all categories of candidates
Grade Point


Rc.Noi 36/J-1 / 2022 Dated:05-08-2022
"Memorandum of Subject Wise Performance" of students for SSC Public Examinations, March-2022 and June-2022 will be hosted in the official website "www.bse.ap.gov.in. on 06-08-2022 at 05:00 PM at R & B Building. M.G. Road. Vilavaaada.

The students can download the memos from the official website and Headmasters of the schools can download the Memorandum of Subject Wise Performance" using their school login credentials and handover the attested copies of the same to the students of their concerned schools.

Pressnote copy download 

గ్రేడ్లు ఇలా కేటాయిస్తారు.
పదవ తరగతి పరీక్షలు 2022-21 కు సంబంధించి ఫలితాలు ప్రకటించుటకు, మార్కులు, గ్రేడ్లు కొరకు పూర్తి విధివిధానాల ఉత్తర్వులు విడుదల
ఎస్ఎస్సి పబ్లిక్ ఎగ్జామినేషన్స్  2022 - SSC పరీక్ష ఫలితాల వెల్లడికి ఫార్ములా.. హైపవర్ కమిటీ సిఫార్సులను ఓకే చేసిన రాష్ట్ర సర్కార్.. 

 పదో తరగతి పరీక్ష ఫలితాల వెల్లడికి ఫార్ములాను ఓకే చేసిన ఆంధ్రప్రదేశ్ ప్రభుత్వం. రూపకల్పన కోసం నియమించిన హైపవర్ కమిటీ సిఫార్సులను రాష్ట్ర ప్రభుత్వం ఆమోదించింది. కోవిడ్ కారణంగా పరీక్షలు రద్దు కావటంతో ఫలితాలను వెల్లడికి అనువైన విధానంపై నివేదిక ఇచ్చింది హైపవర్ కమిటీ. 2022, 2022 పదో తరగతి పబ్లిక్ పరీక్షల ఫలితాల వెల్లడికి హైపవర్ కమిటీ రూపోందించిన ఫార్ములాను ఆమోదించింది ప్రభుత్వం. 2019-2022 విద్యా సంవత్సరానికి గ్రేడ్లు ప్రకటించేందుకు నిర్ణయం తీసుకుంది. 2022లో పాస్ సర్టిఫికెట్లు ఇచ్చిన వారందరికీ గ్రేడ్ పాయింట్లు ఇవ్వాలని నిర్ణయం తీసుకున్నారు. 
  1. అంతర్గతంగా 50 మార్కుల చొప్పున నిర్వహించిన 3 ఫార్మెటివ్ అసెస్మెంట్ల ఆధారంగా ఈ గ్రేడ్లు ప్రకటించాలని స్పష్టం చేసింది.```
  2. 2018, 2019 సంవత్సరాల్లో ఫెయిల్ అయిన విద్యార్థులు 2022లో పరీక్షలకు దరఖాస్తు చేసుకున్న విద్యార్ధులకు గతంలోని వారి సామర్ధ్యం ఆధారంగా 20 మార్కులకు లెక్కించి పరిగణించాలని సూచించారు.```
  3. 2022 విద్యా సంవత్సరంలోని విద్యార్ధులందరికీ అంతర్గత అసెస్మెంట్ మార్కులను 30 శాతానికి 70 శాతం వెయిటేజి స్లిప్ టెస్టులకు ఇవ్వాలని సిఫార్సు చేసింది. అంతర్గత అసెస్మెంట్ పరీక్షలకు హాజరు కాని విద్యార్ధులకు పాస్ గ్రేడ్ ఇవ్వాలని సిఫార్సు చేసింది.```
  4. వొకేషనల్ విద్యార్ధులకు SSC పరీక్షల్లో వచ్చిన గ్రేడ్ల ఆధారంగా ఫలితాలు ప్రకటించాలని నిర్ణయం తీసుకున్నారు. ఈమేరకు పాఠశాల విద్యాశాఖ ముఖ్యకార్యదర్శి బి.రాజశేఖర్ ఉత్తర్వులు జారీ చేశారు..

Procedure for declaration of the results of SSC Public Examinations – Final ReportGO.MS.46 AP SSC Public Examinations 2022-21 Cancelled due to COVID-19 Pandemic situations  



G.O.MS.No. 46,   Dated: 02-08-2022

School Education - SSC Public Examinations, 2022 & 2022 – Cancelled due to COVID  Situation  in the state  – Constitution  of High Power  Committee  to evolve   the   procedure   for   declaration   of   the   results   of   SSC   Public Examinations  – Final Report Submitted – Approval of Recommendations  of the Committee – Orders - Issued.

Read the following:

  1. G.O.Ms.No.82, SE(Prog.II) Dept., dt.29.10.2015
  2. G.O.Ms.No.41, SE(Prog.II) Dept., dt.28.6.2019.
  3. G.O.Ms.No.69, SE(Prog.II) Dept., dt.15.10.2019.
  4. G.O.Ms.No.03, SE(Prog.II) Dept., dt.09.01.2022.
  5. G.O.Ms.No.34, SE(Prog.II) Dept., dt.14.7.2022
  6. Proceedings  of  the  DSE,   Rc.No.GE-CPRO0RSLT(ror)/3/2022- DGEN, dt.1.7.2022.
  7. 7. From the Member Convener of the High Power Committee and the DGE, AP, Rc.NSPL/HPC/J-1/2022, dt.14.7.2022.
  8. 8. From the DSE, AP, Lr.RNo.GE-CPRO0RSLT(ROR)/4/2022-DGE, dt.19.7.2022.


In the G.O 5th read above, Government permitted the Director of Government Examinations, A.P., to declare all the students, who have been registered for SSC Public Examinations, March, 2022, and issued hall tickets for appearing  examination  as pass without  awarding  any grade points  as one-time measure in relaxation of the orders issued in G.Os 1st, 3rd  and 4th read above.

2. In the reference  6th  read above, a High Power Committee  has been constituted for evolving the procedure for the declaration of SSC Public Examinations, 2022, consequent on cancellation of SSC Public Examinations, 2022.

3. In the  reference  7th   read  above,  a  High  Power  Committee  has submitted report for procedure to be evolved for declaring the results of SSC Public Examinations-2022 & 20

4. Government  after careful  examination,  hereby  approve  the recommendations  of the High Power Committee for evolving the formula for finalization  and declaring  the   results  of SSC Public Examinations-2022  & 2022  for the larger  benefit  of the student  community  in the light of the pandemic situation prevailing in the State as follows:

SSC Public Examinations, 2022



Category of the


Procedure to be evolved


Awarding of grades    for students of SSC   Public Examinations  2022 (Academic year 2019-20)

All the students  who were issued Pass Certificates in the year 2022 shall be issued Grades and Grade Points. The Grades shall be awarded as follows:


The performance of the students in the three  (03)  Formative  Assessments  for

50 marks each and one (1) Summative

Assessment Examinations i.e., three FAs for 50 marks  each,  and SA-1  for 100 marks, which were conducted internally to the students of SSC Public Examinations  2022  in the  AY 2019-20 with Higher weightage  for Government Institutions for parity with 2022-21 and correction of skewed outcomes.


Out of the total score of 100 marks, the SA-1  marks  secured  by  the  students shall carry a weightage of “50%” marks i.e.,   50   marks   only.   And   for   the remaining 50 marks, the sum of marks secured  by the students  in three  (03) FAs  shall  carry  a weightage  of  “50%” marks.


The  same  procedure  shall  be  followed for all the subjects and the final marks of all the subjects shall be calculated accordingly.


The Final marks of SA-1 and the sum of three Formative Assessments (FA-1, FA-

2 and FA-3) shall be calculated by using the   above   method   and   the   marks secured  by the student shall be added to obtain the final score for 100 marks.


Vocational Courses

The   result   shall   be   declared   based on       the   grades   secured    by   the respective  students in the Regular SSC Course.


The students who appeared for SSC Public Examinations that were conducted  in the years 2017, 2018 and 2019 and failed to clear some of the subjects. (Once failed candidates)

The internal marks of the students that are    available     against     their    first performance shall be taken into consideration. As the internal marks are available   for   20   marks,   the   marks scored by the student shall be multiplied by 05 to arrive at the marks out of 100.

SSC Public Examinations, 2022:


Category of the


Procedure to be evolved


SSC Regular  Students who appeared for all subjects of FA-1 and FA-2 for the academic year 2022-21 and registered for SSC Public     Examinations


To minimize objectivity, the Committee recommends  that,  out  of  the  50  Marks  of each Formative Assessment,  70% weightage be accorded to the 20 marks of Slip Tests and the  remaining  30%  weightage  accorded  to other three components of Formative Assessments.


i.  70% Weightage for Slip Test Marks.

ii. 30%    Weightage     for    other    three

Components of FAs.


SSC Regular  Students who appeared for only One             Formative Assessment Test  for SSC            Public Examinations 2022

The marks secured in the Formative test  for which the students  have  appeared  for shall be considered to finalize the result.


a) Students who have not appeared for FA-1 and                     FA-2

Examinations and whose marks are not uploaded for various reasons.


b)   Students        who have appeared      but marks are   not uploaded   for  various reasons

Minimum pass grade shall be Awarded


Vocational Courses

The  result  shall  be  declared  based  on  the grades secured   by     the    respective students    in      the Regular SSC Course.


The  students     who appeared  for SSC Public EXAMINATIONS that  were   conducted in       the   years   2017,2018 and 2019 and failed to clear some of the subjects. (Once failed candidates)

The internal marks of the students  that are available against their first performance shall be taken into consideration.   As the internal marks are available for 20 marks, the marks scored by the student shall be multiplied by 05 to arrive at the marks out of 100.

  1. 5. Further, the Government hereby kept the G.O in the reference 2nd read above, which relates with the dispensing of internal marks, in abeyance for the years 2022 and 2022 to enable to take internal marks into consideration for the finalization of the results of the 10th class students of the SSC Public Examinations 2022 and 2022 based on the Internal examination marks.
  2. The Director of School Education, AP and the Director of Government Examinations, AP shall take necessary action accordingly in the matter.

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#AP SSC/10th Class Exams  Results 

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