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Salary Certificate/ Online Employee Pay Slips for TS Employees, Teachers Online Salary Details Month Wise download with token number @treasury.telangana.gov.in

Get your salary Certificate online Download Telangana State Govt. Employee Pay Slip Salary Certificate, Online Employee Pay Slips for TS Employees and Teachers Month wise pay details available @treasury.telangana.gov.in
Online Employee Pay Slip/Salary Certificate for TS Employees Salary details, TS Employees Download Month wise Online Employee Pay Slip/#Salary Certificate/Salary Slips in PDF Format: Telangana Govt Employees Can Download the Online Salary Certificate or Online Salary Particulars or Online Employee Pay Slip  in pdf Format with token number with date and TBR Number. These Official Salary Particulars/Certificate useful to Telangana State Govt employees for applying Personal Loan and Bank Loan Purpose. We can know or get month wise salary particulars for preparing Salary Certificate without any password, you should have only Employee Id(STO Treasury ID). Employee Payslip - Telangana Treasury,  https://treasury.telangana.gov.in/ddoreq/index.php?service=emppayslippdf,  Employee Pay Slip. Empcode. Month, Year.  Know Your Online Salary Particulars,AP Telangana Employees Pay, Employee Pay Details - AP,TS Cyber Treasury,TS Employees Online Employee Pay Slips /Salary Certificate,TS Employees Official Salary Certificate Download with Token number, Telangana Teachers Salary Details Treasury Pay Slips

How to Download the Pay Particulars on Online Directly:

Employees can follow the steps:
1. First visit the Telangana Official Cyber Treasury Website by https://treasury.telangana.gov.in
2. 'Treasury.Telangana.gov.in' Website will be displayed.
3. In this webpage, you can find in left side menu 'NET services to Public' and Click on it.
4. Then another menu will be shown. In this menu, click on the 'Employee Operations'Link
6. Now, Another Menus will be displayed. In this menu section, Click on the 'Employee Pay Slip' Link.
7.  Now Employee Pay Slip web page will be displayed
7.  In this Enter your  'Treasury ID (Your name will be shown in the box), Month  and Year' use with Tab Button and Click on the Submit button to get PDF file.

Online Employee Pay Slips/Salary Certificate

Online Employee Pay Slips/Salary Certificate Download Click Here 

Salary Certificate/ Online Employee Pay Slips for TS Employees Direct Link 
After visiting in the website you just have to enter your employee id / employee code ,Monthand Year and then click on submit button Then you will get salary certificate.

Telangana Treasury➤ https://treasury.telangana.gov.in/
[ Employee Operations  ->Employee Payslip  ->Enter your employee id, month,year  ->Submit  ->Print your play slip]
➤TS Employees Salary Certificate/ Online Employee Pay Slip Click Here
This Employee Pay Slips, Token No,Token Date, TBRNO are useful to adding APGLI, GPF missing credits and apply for new APGLI Account Purpose. To Get Online Pay Slip enter Employee code month and year

How to Download Employee Pay Slip -Images


Employee Code : 1234567        Employee Name: Employee Name
DDOCODE : 123456789                      DDODESG : PANCHYAT RAJ
GPF No: ZP-12345                     Designation : Secondary Grade Teacher
APGLI No: L-123456-A              PAN No:
Bank A/C No:  01234567890     Scale :28940-78910
Bank Name:S.B.I. RAYONS
Basic Pay: 32340                    APGLI(S): 1500
DA: 3898                                 GIS: 60
HRA: 3881                               PT: 200
TS_SP: 390                            ZPGPF: 1500
Token No:0000000001    Token Date:2017-01-01
TBRNO:2017000001          PAY Slip For Month\Year: 01 \ 2017
Download Telangana State Govt. Employee Pay Slip Salary Certificate
Online Employee Pay Slips/Salary Certificate Download Click Here 

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