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TS Schools SA1/ Summative-1 Exams Time Table 2017-18 Schedule and Instructions

Telangana Schools SA Summative Assessment-I Exams Time Table 2017-18 Schedule and Instructions -Conducting Guidelines
 Summative Assessment 1 Time Table in Telanagana.  SCERT Common Summative Assessment 1 Exams Schedule for classes 1st  to 10th Time Table for SA 1 Exams for classes I to X. SA 1 Exams time table 2017, TS Schools SA I half yearly exams time table, #SA1,SA I, #Summative Exams 2017 Schedule, Summative Exams Time Table 2017, Primary Schools Summative Exams 2017 Schedule, UPS and High Schools Summative Exams 2017 Schedule, SA 1 Exams Schedule for PS, UPS and High Schools, SCERT, Telangana. As per he new academic calendar 2017-2018 the conduct of two Summative Assessments in an academic year along with other instructions pertaining to vacation, trainings, School Complex Meetings etc. Accordingly, the academic calendar was developed and provided to all schools along with dates for the conduct for Formative and Summative Assessments.  Summative Assesment SA I Time Table in  Telanagana  State. SA I Summative Assesment I 2017 Time Table Download Summative Assesment Examinations (SA-1)from Dt.23.10.2017  to Dt.28.10.2017 . CCE Telangana Summative Assesment Time Table Examination Schedule details given here.

TS/Telangana SA Summative-1 Time Table 2017-18 and Instructions Download
School Education Department Implementation of Academic Calendar 2017-18 SA 1 Time for Primary Upper Primary and High Schools in Telangana and instructions have been issued to Headmasters for smooth completion of Examinations valuation of answer scripts SMS Parents meeting for anouncing of Summative I Results.

TS Schools SA1/ Summative-1 Exams Time Table 2017-18 Schedule and Instructions:

Date I to V Classes 9.30 am to 12.00 noon VI to VII Classes 10.00 am to 12.30 pm VIII Class 10.00 am to 12.40 pm 02.00 pm to 04.40 pm IX to X Classes 10.00 am to 12.30 pm 02.00 pm to 04.30 pm
23.10.2017 First Language (Telugu, Urdu, Hindi) First Language (Telugu, Urdu, Hindi) Mathematics (Morning) Mathematics - I (Morning) Mathematics - II (Evening)
24.10.2017 English Second Language (Hindi, Telugu) Physical Science (Morning) Bio. Science (Evening) Physical Science (Morning) Bio. Science (Evening)
25.10.2017 Mathematics Third Language (English) Social Studies (Morning) Social Studies-I (Morning) Social Studies-II (Evening)
26.10.2017 EVS Social Studies First Language (Telugu, Urdu, Hindi) (Morning) First Language-I (Telugu, Urdu, Hindi) (Morning) First Language-II (Telugu, Urdu, Hindi) (Evening)
27.10.2017 - Mathematics Second Language (Hindi, Telugu) (Morning) Third Language-I (English) (Morning) Third Language-II (English) (Evening)
28.10.2017 - Science Third Language (English) (Morning) Second Language (Hindi) (Morning)

TS Schools SA1/ Summative-1 Exams Time Table 2017-18 PDF Sheet :

SA I Time Table and Schedule for valuation and issue the cumulative records Completion of Activities:

  1. Completion of correction of Answer Scripts - 30.10.2017
  2. Answer Scripts to parents through Students for their examination and signature- 31.10.2017
  3. Completion of Registers and Cumulative Records 01.11.2017
  4. Meeting with Parents to discuss on progress of children 03.11.2017
  5. Obtaining of signature of the parents on cumulative records 06.11.2017
SA 1 Time Table (Telanganaga) 2017-18 PDF file

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